the stigma!

A platform that seeks to bring experts
to discuss a myriad of issues from social
justice to mental health



Spoken Word Poetry || Sherine Ali

Navigating the media space as a female || Ihunmehai Isaac

What does it mean to choose to challenge? || Janice Morris

Lacey Lee Elliot || Talks with Sosa || Choose to Challenge

Guy Felicella (Part 1) || Stopping the Stigma behind harm reduction

Guy Felicella (Part 2) || Stopping the Stigma behind harm reduction

Upcoming Events

Felabrate 2021. Oct 9 - 7:30PM PST.

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC

Healthy Living Forum Series . Oct 8 - 6:30 PM PST Live on Facebook & Zoom

First youth healthy living forum series with Felicia Masenu

Talking vaccines. Aug 28 - 5 pm IG live

With Brihtnney Amponsah!

Increasing vaccine literacy . Aug 28 - AM PST Live on Zoom

We would be talking about vaccine literacy within the Black community with Dr. Brice Nouthe Tietchou & Dr. Ofundem Rose Gwan


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