Meet our 2018 Speakers

Ron Newell

I was approached to become a Board Member of the Last Door in 2016. I was so humbled by the request, to be part of an organization that has helped so many people with their addiction and other living challenges, that I immediately accepted the nomination.

The Last Door assists not only the Addict but the families of these folks. There are so many people affected directly by the actions of the addiction recovery process and the staff, directors and of course Dave & Louise the founders are there for the families and friends every step of the way.

I felt that it was important to step up and give back to an institution that provide services for those in need and who want the help to clean up their life. I myself am a 24-year sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and I learned the way to stay healthy and happy is to give back what was so freely given to me. My whole family has been affected by Addiction throughout our history, and it was time to break the chains of addiction.

I work with many different groups both in the addiction recovery fields as well as other community events as you can lead a normal life without the chains of addiction dragging you down I am involved in presenting a TEDx event in White Rock where we have two speakers selected to talk on Addiction and Homelessness. I am a Distinguished Toastmaster in Toastmasters International where I also help others to find their voice.

Keep spreading the word that we can indeed help people recover from addiction.

Guy Felicella

Guy is a qualified expert who devotes his time and career to public speaking, advocating to reduce the stigma of harm reduction and educating students on addiction.

Nancy Pilling

Nancy Pilling was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.  She now lives in New Westminster, BC. 

Some of her passions are writing and photography.  In 2015 Nancy published her first book ‘WITH THIS IN MIND’.  It is a memoir outlining her experiences of having been raised in a home that was abusive and some of the issues that arose as a result.

Nancy is currently working on her second book which is fiction and she has maintained a blog since 2011.

Today Nancy will be discussing the correlation between Addiction & Mental Health.

Sosa Eweka

Sosa is the founder of Talks with Sosa, an opinion- based blog that was established in 2016 with the purpose of establishing a platform to share her views and create a fora for exchange of ideas, issues and opinions with the world. Daily, she is inspired by the fact that  each and everyone of us sees the world through different lenses. Consequently, causing our views on life to differ which makes up our individuality. She is inspired by writers such as Maya Angelou, Barrack Obama and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


Allita Shola-Cadmus

With parents hailing from Africa and Jamaica, Alitta Cadmus was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. After living in Toronto for most of her childhood and her young adult life, she moved to British Columbia where she currently resides with her family.

In 2016, she received an award for completing an art project in response to a  poem titled “Diet” by  Billeh Nickerson

Alitta’s work is innovative, and quite unique in its style. Combining her various passions for the arts into one her main focus is to use her words to generate relational awareness as well as character responsibility.


“My name is Sarah-Audrey Mome. I write poetry but I’m still bad with my words. There are 26 letters in the alphabet and still not enough for me to explain who I am in a short biography. Talk to me for a bit. Sit a spell. You might know then”.

Osaretin Eweka

Osaretin is a  contemporary violinist and actor. He is inspired by Italian musical composer Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach. Osaretin plays hip-hop, afro beats and classical music


Tunji caught the improve comedy bug in Grade 10 high school drama class.  After high school he was in 11:07 improv from 2012 to 2016.  He considers himself to be a character actor/comedian who gets a lot of inspiration from his favorite TV shows which include Fresh Prince, Martin, In living  Color, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. He has played  in the Fictionals’ improv Against Humanity in June 2017. His comic inspirations include Eddie Murphy. Jerry Lewis, Will Smith, Kevin Hart and Martin Lawrence


Kor is a singer songwriter who is very passionate about his craft.  He has written and recorded over 100 songs. He recently released his single called Caesar.

Kárà-Kátà Afrobeat

Kárà-Kátà Afrobeat/Highlife, Afrobeat reggae Group music genre blends effortlessly original Afrobeat, Afrobeat Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Afrobeat gospel, Modern funk, Jazz, Blues, Salsa, Psychedelic rock & Soul, their musical spice is exotic and inspiring. They celebrate and share the beauty of African/Canadian multiculturalism with dance, music, fashion through their live performances.