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Talks with Sosa themed Addiction

“It’s okay not to be okay.” || Lacey Lee Elliott

Social Isolation and it’s stigma || Manny Dhillon

The best ways of African Diaspora Women to forge stronger alliances to build social change

Mental HeaIth in Minority Groups || In conversation with Dr. Anthony Akenzua

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome || In conversation with Lindi Nolte

Glass Boxes || James Arbuah

In conversation with Ihunmehai Isaac ||

Silent Affair || Alitta Cadmus || Talks with Sosa

The role of African Women in the Struggle for Global African Emancipation || Dr. Quist-Adade

In conversation with Councillor Trish Mandewo – Why representation matters?

Sosa Eweka || Choose to Challenge || Talks with Sosa

Spoken Word Poetry || Sherine Ali

Navigating the media space as a female || Ihunmehai Isaac

What does it mean to choose to challenge? || Janice Morris

Lacey Lee Elliot || Talks with Sosa || Choose to Challenge

Guy Felicella (Part 1) || Stopping the Stigma behind harm reduction

Guy Felicella (Part 2) || Stopping the Stigma behind harm reduction